Sunday, February 17, 2013

Invitation to Lenten Devotional

Transforming Common Days is going devotional for Lent!

First United Methodist Church of Springboro is journeying through the book of Exodus for Lent this year, and I am writing week-day devotionals to fill in the story between the readings for Saturday and Sunday services. The devotionals start tomorrow (Monday, February 18, 2013) and will run five days a week through Lent. Here's the cover to the first week's pamphlet.

Journey through the Bible:
Exodus for Lent

First United Methodist Church of Springboro invites you to study the book of Exodus for Lent. This daily bible study will help you journey along with Moses and Aaron and God’s chosen people to the Promised Land.

Read, reflect, and write notes as the story of Exodus unfolds. See how events more than three thousand years ago can guide your own journey with God in our world today.

Recite and pray the week’s verse and prayer.

Journey with a friend. Everything is more fun with a friend, and bible study is no exception. Commit to spend a little time each week with a friend or family member to share and discuss your thoughts on the week’s readings.
Week 1: Fear. This week, our study will focus on fear. Sometimes, we are right to fear, as when we fear God, but mostly, our fear gets in the way of our journey with God. Faith overcomes fear in powerful ways. As you read and reflect on fear this week, remember that the Bible tells us over and over not to be afraid but trust in God.


This devotional is designed to encourage Christians at all places in their faith journey. Beginners who might feel a little (or a LOT) intimidated by the Bible will focus on how the story of Moses and the Promised Land relates to them in their lives today. Experienced Bible study students who would like to be reminded of their deeply intimate connection to scripture will be able to get back to basics and focus on relating personally rather than intellectually to their Bibles.  

What does Exodus have to do with Lent? Exodus tells the story of Moses leading God's people out of slavery in Egypt into the Promised Land. This journey is difficult and long, full of twists and turns, challenges and set-backs. It is, in many ways, representative of each Christian's journey out of bondage to sin and into the freedom and promise found at the foot of the cross: salvation through Jesus Christ.

Each weekday, I will post the devotional, which will consist of a short Bible reading and reflection, some questions to think about, and a verse and prayer to recite. I invite you to either write your thoughts on paper (if you want to keep them private) or to share them in the comments on this blog (if you want to share them with the world!).

If you choose to share, please keep in mind that this devotional is intended to be personal and sincere. Comments that are kind, thoughtful, and respectful of other opinions are very welcome.

I hope you will take this journey with our church!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Devotional. At present, I am reading Exodus as my daily Bible reading so your timing for this is very apt.
    Thank you again

    BTW I am unable to physically attend a church building so it will be extra lovely to share.


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