Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Small Kindnesses

Has your day been transformed by a kindness? Of course it has. We have all experienced these days of unexpected blessings, but do we pay attention to them? Do we take the time to be grateful for them, cherish them?

Yesterday, I left my wallet at home, and the staff at JumpStart Java gave me my mocha and coffee cake anyway, knowing I was good for it...a kindness I so appreciated!

Minutes later, Pastor Suzanne walked in and shared her story of her coffee pot dying that morning and how it should not have been as frustrating as it was, but boy was it! When I shared my Monday morning bumble--what 46-year-old woman leaves her wallet at home!??--she said, "I'll buy your breakfast!"

And she did.

Yesterday afternoon, I went back and got a gift card to JumpStart Java and will give it to Pastor Suzanne later today, at our last Bible Study of the year. That way, she can treat herself and whomever else she sees in need, having a bad day, and thus she can transform another common day with a small kindness.

Receiving kindness.

Enabling kindness.

Passing it on.

How wonderful!

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  1. What a wonderful day :) Warms my heart to hear it, and what a great example of how the small thigns we do can have such a big impact on others :)


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