Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Candles in the Window

I'm too minimalist to hang lots of icicle lights from the outside of my house. This year, in fact, is the first year I've put lights outside ever...and that consists of three strings of lights on a conifer that's my height right off the front porch. But candle lights in the windows are something I can do. They transform the front of the house into a minimalist Christmas paradise.

How much decorating do you do outside your house or apartment for the holidays? How do you transform your common facade into something uncommonly festive?


  1. Just lights on the house, not lights everywhere so it looks like the Christmas section at Michael's barfed on your front lawn! I think this is definitely one of those situations where less is more.

  2. We are pretty old school here. We put red bows and wrapped ribbon on the fence posts and a wreath on the garage and the front door. Very old fashioned.

  3. We put the candles in the window today! I've opted for battery operated LED since we can't get to one window without a ladder. They're not very bright but dress the house up a bit. A wreath on the front door with just a red bow on it and some garland on the railing and that's it. The Christmas tree will go in front of the window so we can share it with the neighbors. We do enjoy seeing the light shows,
    but never have done a lot ourselves.


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