Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thankful for Encouragement

People encourage me in so many ways. They comment on my blogs, they send me emails, they call me, they meet with me, they pray for me, they encourage me to write and craft and participate fully in life.

The root of encourage is courage. It takes courage to face each day's trials and uncertainties, challenges and obstacles. For some of us, courage comes fairly easily in most situations as we bounce through life like Tigger, while others feel like Piglet, timid and fearful most of the time.

All of us are more courageous in some areas of our lives than in others.

Not one of us can make it through life without encouragement.

Today, my eye doctor encouraged me in Stephen Ministry, and I encouraged her in teaching her adult Sunday school class. Neither of us can or is called to participate in each other's ministry, but we are so grateful for the way each adds to the life of our church.

How wonderful encouragement is!

In what ways do you feel encouraged this day? How can you encourage someone else?


  1. I have been job hunting for quite a while, and while I have no tangible reason to feel encouraged today, I just DO. I believe I still have something to offer, despite all evidence to the contrary. Just wanting to work as much as I do is encouraging to me today. So...step by step in faith.

  2. I hope V-Grrrl gets a job soon. I was encouraged this day by waking up healthy. Really, that is all I needed today. I took the time to explain something to a law clerk. I hope the lesson was an encouragement to develop her enthusiasm and skills.

  3. Our Bible Study group from last year met for lunch today. God totally brought those women together and several of them needed the encouragement of fellowship and strong hugs. For me, the only reason I make cards is for the purpose of facilitating my spiritual gift of encouragment.


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