Thursday, October 4, 2012

Commitment Cancelled

Today, I received an email cancelling a volunteer commitment for tomorrow. While I enjoy this commitment enormously, I also feel about three weeks behind schedule because of being sick for so long. Having an entire day to focus on catching up is such a blessing!

What is your blessing from today?


  1. I had two wonderful days of interruptions LOL! Picked my in-laws up at the airport to bring them to our house so they could get their car and drive to the Island. Got lunch and a great visit with them out of the deal :) They are such amazing people - love them to death and am blessed to have married into that family :)

    Next day got an impromptu invite for coffee with a our old Children's Pastor who is incredibly special to our family. She has such a heart for kids, poured God's Word into my kids for six years and even baptized them. Was great catching up with her. My cup runneth over :)

  2. Our neighbors are going to feed our cats while we are away. I am mostly satisfied with the work I did today to have the house in order before we leave.

  3. My blessing from Thursday was dinner at my mom's. So nice to stop on the way home from work and have a nice dinner. One that I did not have to cook! And it is always nice to catch up with my mom.

    It was especially nice last night because she invited my very pregnant daughter, son in law, sister and and an old neighbor.

    We had such a nice visit; it was hard to get up from the table to make ready to go home.

  4. This may sound strange, but it is a blessing my dog had to have surgery (just spaying.). But it has allowed me to be home four straight days with no commitments and while she's sleeping I have gotten a lot of cleaning done that just wasn't happening otherwise. (It has also given me an excuse to have her sleep in my bed while my family is away.)

    I know you'll appreciate this too, I get to spend a couple of hours in my stamping space on World Cardmaking Day that I might not have otherwise.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  5. I can so relate, Susan! Today I took everything (everything...) off the kitchen counters and scrubbed 'em and also the sink and the faucet and around the faucet...everything is sparkly clean now. Yippee!
    Thanks again for all your inspiration -- stamping and spiritual!
    hugs, Sherry


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