Friday, October 12, 2012

Repair People

Our gas fireplace was broken. Now it is not. Thank you, Repairman Jack.

I feel gratitude for the competent people of the world, those who fix what is broken, those who work with their hands and heads to solve other people's problems.

We'd be mighty cold without them.

What have you had repaired lately?


  1. I am blessed to have a husband who can repair almost anything! Right now he is in California helping his niece replace doors and lights in her house so she can sell it. Then on to his BIL's to help repair a car and undercounter lights in the kitchen.
    I am a mighty lucky lady!
    Lu C

  2. In repair mode since coming back from a 3 week break . . . the gate, internet connection (yay), alarm system. 3 Down and counting . . . Still need to work on the water coming in and ruining the ceiling!
    But I am so thankful that these are my problems . . . not war, serious sickness, no water ....

  3. well, since you ask, my daughter said she smelled gas, so i called my dad & the gas company. my dad said it smelled like gasoline. which it was. (from the garage) when the gas company came out they said they would check everything to be safe & found 3 or 4 gas leaks and shut the gas off. had to call a plumber then gas company to inspect & turn back on. the good thing is it was warm those days and we didn't need the furnace. i can live w/ out using the stove. lol.

  4. We had some bad places in the siding around our dormer windows and were afraid we'd have to replace the windows. We were so fortunate to find a handyman who took the windows out, replaced all the rotten wood and siding and put the windows back in. They're beautiful old wood windows and I was so grateful not to lose them!


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