Monday, October 1, 2012

Mourning Doves and Healing

Our dove flew free on Friday. He hopped along the ground and gave me a photo op, then flew off for the safety of the trees.

What a blessing to be able to give an injured creature--even something as common as a dove--time to heal. I am so grateful for the opportunity.

Talk about transforming common days.


  1. We rescued a black kitten with some ailments last spring. She showed up on a cold rainy night yowling her head off. I gave her a card board box and hoped her momma would find her because we already have 2 cats. Well....she didn't go away and I fell in love! We named her Storm and she is definitely a little storm in our house but she filled a space in my heart that I didn't realize was even there! I am thankful that she found us even though, I didn't think we could afford another mouth to feed!


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