Friday, September 14, 2012


In the beginning
God spoke the light in darkness,
waves and particles.

My boys, my golden girl, and I went for a walk this week. The quality of the evening sun's light made the world glow.

And it was good.

When have you noticed the light, lately?


  1. There's a short minute or two at the most in the evening when the sun is going down that there's a soft pinkish glow in the back yard that makes my petunias POP. I noticed the same thing this morning as the sun was coming up. God gave us all his creation to enjoy. "And God saw all that he had made and behold it was very good.

  2. I've noticed sunrises more as they are happening later as I drive to work. I love to see the sun streaming in little shafts of light as I drive through roads lined with trees. It's beautiful! :)

  3. We've had some lovely sunrises here, lately.

  4. I notice it when I pick up my daughter from school. I have a lovely drive on a quiet road. I have noticed how blue the sky is, how puffy the clouds are and the beautiful light of these "almost fall" days here in GA


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