Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hair Shirt

I wear a hair shirt
made of black cotton fiber
swirled with gold dog fur.

Daisy's fur goes with us everywhere we go, clinging to us like hugs or kisses, clear evidence of her enthusiastic, loving presence in our lives.

What nuisance in your life can you embrace as a gift, a blessing, just by being thankful for it?


  1. I sometimes grumble about having to vacuum our cat's hair off the carpet - never once thinking of being grateful that I'm fortunate enough to have a cat, and carpet - so many people around the world have only dirt floors and their animals are all "useful" - cows, goats and sheep for milk and meat, for example. I can't imagine sitting with a goat in my lap while I pet it!

  2. I've had a feral cat for 10 years now. She was my mother's cat, but now that Mom has passed, she's mine. She ignored me for years, only coming close to remind me of feeding time. This past year, however, she has discovered that she likes to be petted and scratched and massaged. She is not a lap cat by any means. She's more of an armchair cat with emphasis on the word "arm." I ache for a cuddly cat. Chloe will never be that cat, I fear. I am thankful for the headbutts and rubs I get to let me know that she's available for some TLC. Even though that means I get covered with white cat fur, it means there is hope that she will one day consider me lapworthy.

  3. We have three Chihuahuas that bless us with hair clothes...and we are absolutely delighted by their presence in our home! My hubby said just this morning that he didn't know what he would do without our three fur babies to keep him company all day while I am at work (he is retired).

  4. Love your haiku!

    And my answer to this one would have to be the same as my answer to your first post: Toby, my Maltepoo. Although he's seldom ever a nuisance, sometimes he's exactly that! And I'm thankful that he doesn't shed... at least any more than I do.

  5. I have a hair shirt too, but in the form of cat hair and underfuzz. It is in the keyboard and pops up in some of the weirdest spots - underwear included LOL! Love the way a single hair has up to five colours in it - an aamazing creation by God :)

  6. I am blessed with a ginger and white, 3-legged cat called Dexter who sheds for a hobby. My cards are a good way for him to show off his fuzzies whenever any sticky tape is used. He also wakes me up any time from 4 in the morning by poking me with his one front leg claws unsheathed to say 'feed me' he's 17 and I can't imagine him not being there....yes blessed indeed.

  7. Hmmmm, I had to think about this one for a minute. We don't have a pet at this point in our lives. But I did live with a Golden for 9 years; they are definitely a fur challenge.

    My biggest nuisance that I really could be grateful for is my daily commute. I am very fortunate to carpool with my husband; but our ride is 40 minutes in and 45-50 home every day. We save $10-15 per day by commuting together. It isn't always convenient; but we work it out.

    I am blaming menopause for some very poor nights of sleep. There are mornings that I nap on the way in to work. It can sometimes make or break my day.

    We work in the same building but rarely see each other. Our ride home is a great time to catch up on our days. We can review our workday, our to do lists and plan our calender. Some nights on our way home we use our Ford Sync System to talk to family together.

    I also just recently realized that I can crochet or knit while we still have light.

    So I never really thought about it but I guess I can actually feel grateful for our nuisance commute!

  8. The shoes, clothes, and sports gear that accummulate next to the back door in the kitchen remind me to be grateful for the buzz and whirl of family life, those that I love that come home to me.

    And sometimes the insomnia that hits me in the middle of the night brings moments of peace and clarity. I focus on the sound of my husband's breathing and am grateful to have him with me, the fleece of my bathrobe sleeve hanging on my bedpost, the inexplicable comfort of the wishing stone I hold in my hand at night...

  9. Little boys with fevers that keep us from doing what we planned can seem like a nuisance. But when they want to cuddle with Nana, or smile at me, the blessings become apparent.


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