Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Easy Conversation

Is three hours enough
to catch up on a summer
apart? For friends, yes.

With the return of kids to school, I've been able to catch up with some friends lately over coffee, lunch, tedious volunteer work. How precious are those times when people who've barely said hello or seen each other enough to wave across a crowded fellowship hall or grocery store reconnect, pick up where they left off, listen and talk, hug and encourage! The easy conversation flows so naturally, randomly, and comfortably.

When did you last have an easy conversation of reconnection with a friend?


  1. This summer we made it a priority to travel to Pennsylvania to reconnect with our good friends there. They were our field leaders when we served in Chad, Africa. They retired after 42 years of serving there. Their hospitality was humbling and as you said, we picked up right where we left off when we last saw them 6 years ago!

  2. I don't think it is. so this summer when an old college friend is traveling through the state and calls to see if we can connect...well I sort of panic. But we meet at Panera for lunch and things work out just fine. it turns out a long lunch of a couple hours is long enough to reminisce and not too long so we run out of things to say.

  3. I have four very good friends that I used to cycle with; but our lives have changed and we just don't get together like we used to.

    We do manage at least four get togethers a year. We use our birthdays as a reason to get together. January, May, two celebrated together in July and one in November.

    Sometimes we squeeze in a Christmas holiday party with our spouses.

    It works for us and we stay connected through Facebook as well.

    I am very grateful for their friendship!

  4. >About a year ago, I called my cousins who we see at weddings, funerals, etc. Never having time to be close. Four of us went to the beach house together and would you believe, it was like we were kids again. Though this time no one told us to be quite and go to slepp, because it's 3AM. It's wonderful to reconnect, it has been a blessing. We are now planning on a spring and fall "reunion" either at the beach or at the mountains a(fortunately 2of us have 2nd homes and it's working out). God is so good!

  5. Wonderful friends are those you can do this with. Did so this summer when we had dinner with dear friends we only see about 3 times a year now due to distance between homes and kids' schedules. Nothing like slipping in right where you left off and being able to bare your soul if need be knowing it will be heard and not be awkward.

  6. Our Papercrafting group met this morning and it was so much fun to get to know a new friend. Getting together with friends is a rare occurrence these days and these times are extra special.

  7. Last Saturday I went to my Stamp Club meeting and there was a friend there that I haven't seen for well over a year. It was so nice to catch up with each other. I really enjoy my monthly Stamp Club meetings...getting together with the gals, talking, sharing our creativity, and laughing...alot of laughing.

  8. Since health issues keep me close to home and I can't travel long distances anymore, I've been reconnecting with friends on Facebook. There are some that just make me feel like I've just enjoyed a big hug. Many of them are now grandparents (myself included). Being able to "talk" to old friends is very important to me. But I also enjoy the hugs I get and give every Sunday morning at church. They are all special to me.


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