Saturday, January 14, 2017


Please share one good, bright, hopeful thing in your life right now. Leave a comment and spread the good things. Don't we have too much spreading of the bad things? Be a part of the positive.

I'll start. I experienced two positive meetings at my sons' schools in the past two weeks. Jack's ETR/IEP meeting went very well, and so did Nick's 504 meeting. These meetings went so well because teams of teachers and administrators care about my kids. It's amazing!

Your turn.


  1. Two adult sons, each with 3 children, who nevertheless find time to phone &/or see us to keep in touch & to check that we are well. I suppose it is the love that lies behind this that causes me to rejoice.

    1. How wonderful! You raised them right, and they responded.

  2. My two children are very happy at their respective universities and making us very proud. AND my grandbaby is a healthy one year old who makes me smile...a lot!! Happy New Year!


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