Sunday, June 1, 2014

Living Stones

We'll see if this works! I've never loaded a video to my blog before.

Our church is doing an Easter sermon series called Living Stones, and they asked me to participate in a video on what I want my children to learn, so I told a story of Jack's early education and how we learned that he was, indeed, learning the love, despite all the work that became a part of his life far too young.

I still can't believe that I made it through without crying.

Did you have a moment as a parent that helped you feel more confident that you were on the right track teaching your children? Please share!


  1. Thank you for sharing your life about Jack...his learning and yours!

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  3. Great video. Very touching. I wish we were nearer John's little great grandson who is autistic. He will be 6 next month. Thank you for sharing about Jack.

  4. oh, my gosh! How inspiring! And how fortunate you and Jack are to have each other! Thanks very much for sharing that! big hugs, Sherry

  5. I was really touched with gave a beautiful testimony!


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