Saturday, March 22, 2014

That Long Groove

As soon as I saw this on Pinterest, I nodded and thought, "Yeah. That's me." How about you?



  1. Ha-ha-ha! Oh feels like that at times!!! It is wonderful that God doesn't actually drag us kicking and screaming, He is so very patient, gracious and loving yet Holy, firm and determined! The Holy Spirit keeps on reminding and convicting us until one day we submit and do it God's way. That's when we wonder why we didn't do it God's way before.....! I remember when God spoke to me once like this. Our son was painting a picture and had difficulty with some areas. So I got a thinner, better quality paint brush for him to use. Boy was it hard to persuade him to let go of his current brush and replace it with the new one! Once he agreed he found that his panting flowed with ease....... I love this cartoon, I'm going to forward it to some friends! TFS!

  2. Brilliant and true!
    Gonna send it to my children and add it to my DH's 'wall poster' of Footprints!
    thanks for sharing it with us.


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