Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blue Skies

I am grateful for beautiful blue skies after the storm.

I am grateful for all the professionals who use their training to rescue and care for people during and after storms of all kinds.

I am grateful for private citizens who work with each other with open hands and hearts.

I was once in a car accident, sideswiped by a JMC Jimmy that ran a red light. The car behind me was driven by a nurse, who immediately got out of her own car to help. She held my neck steady and waited with me until the ambulance arrived. I will always remember how calm and comforting she was.

Has there been a time when you've needed professional help in an emergency? Who were you grateful for?


  1. Not me, but John. He fell downtown one day as I waited in the car for him. Immediately a stranger stopped to help him until I could get to him and get him back to the car. His ankle looked like it had a tennis ball on the side of it but thankfully nothing was broken.

  2. Not a first responder per se, but when the neutral ground in our house corroded through and our house went all DC, seeing my brother the electrician pull up with his tool belt brought immediate relief and thankfulness for trained personnel to my mind. And actually he is a trained first responder as well, we just didn't need that particular set of skills that night!

  3. I am grateful for EMTs, helicopter pilots and the medical crew who fly loved ones from our remote area to the big city hospital. My own husband's life was saved by them, and I know of many others in our community who also were.

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